Papers and supplementary materials (e.g., data, protocols) from my research.



  • Safe Routing for Navigation Systems (with Karna Chokshi and Meron Alon, Uber Technologies), Patent Number: 10036644 (July 2018)  [Google Patents]

  • Identification of Event Schedules (Uber Technologies), Patent Publication Number: 20180189669 (July 2018)  [Google Patents]

  • Predicting Safety Incidents Using Machine Learning (Uber Technologies), Patent Publication Number: 20180107935 (April 2018)  [Google Patents]



  • Nationalism and Social Sanctioning Across Ethnic Lines: Experimental Evidence from the Kenya–Tanzania Border (with Tim Johnson and Amanda Robinson), Journal of Experimental Political Science 4 (2017), pgs. 1-20  [Paper]

  • Exploring Opportunities in Cultural Diversity (with David Laitin), SAGE Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences (2015), pgs. 1-17  [Paper]

  • A Mobile Water Project: Mobile-for-Development Meets Human-Centered Design (with Eran Bendavid, Joshua Cohen, Katherine Hoffmann, and Terry Winograd), in Arguing About Justice: Essays for Philippe Van Parijs (Belgium: Presses universitaires de Louvain, 2011), pgs. 245-252  [Paper]  [Slides]  [Project Website]

  • The Authority of Supreme Court Precedents (with James H. Fowler), Social Networks 30 (January 2008), pgs. 16-30  [Paper]  [Replication Data]

  • Network Analysis and the Law: Measuring the Legal Importance of Supreme Court Precedents (with James H. Fowler, James F. Spriggs II, Timothy R. Johnson, and Paul Wahlbeck), Political Analysis 15:3 (July 2007), pgs. 324-346  [Paper]


Working Papers


Work in Progress

  • [] Building Peace and Security Using Real-Time Predictive Analytics

  • [M-Maji] Can Mobile Phones Improve Clean Water Access in Developing Country Slums? (with Eran Bendavid, Joshua Cohen, and Terry Winograd)  [Slides]  [M-Maji Project Website]

Above: Coverage of the M-Maji launch in Kibera, Kenya. Courtesy: Kibera News Network

Photo Credit: Sangick Jeon (map from field work in Kibera -- one of Africa's largest slums)